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About Us

Family Owned and Operated since the 1950's.  John and Jennie Logiudice from Cambridge, MA wanted something more than city life for their boys.  One day on a drive to visit some friends John discovered a beautiful lot of land where the original Woodstock Inn was located.  The land was so perfect John and Jennie purchased it

with plans to create a motel so others could enjoy it as well.  John and his three sons built the house and the cabins from the ground up.  Finally ready, John was deciding what to name the motel when a Meadow Lark landed near by & the Meadow Lark Motor Court began.

In 1987 Angelo and Lorraine, John's oldest son and his wife who is native to North Woodstock, continued on as the new owners but maintained many of John and Jennie's traditional ways of doing things.  

Many of the special touches that are unique to the Meadow Lark stem from those traditions.  The lawn has always been a recreation area for activities like badminton, wiffle ball, frisbee, and playing on the swing set.  Many new traditions have been added as well.  Each year Angelo and Lorraine set up a  sandy beach area providing the perfect spot to relax, swim, fish, or float on a tube.  Other additions include: gazebo covered picnic areas, three fire pits near the river, a garden to wander through, plenty of picnic and grill space, and a 6 unit motel was built in 1989 (the motel was designed by John Paul, Angelo & Lorraine's son).  (This website was created by their daughter, Debbie.)

The Meadow Lark Motor Court has hosted countless special events over the years; friend and family reunions, engagements, weddings, and so much more.  Many of our guests have been coming for years, having come as a child and now bringing their own families.  Let our family traditions become yours.  Hope to see you soon!

 Angelo and Lorraine Logiudice


One of the special Meadow Lark Motor Court moments occurred many years ago when Angelo proposed to Lorraine on the big rock by the river.   

The gorgeous photography is courtesy of Cousins David & Michelle Engel, which they will update in early July.

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